Mile High Rebound

This short story was previously published as part of Evernight Publishing’s 2015 anthology: Uniform Fetish – Manlove Edition.

Will Donavan is about to jet off to his sister’s wedding in beautiful Barbados when his hopes for a week of romance and fun in the sun are dashed before takeoff.

Enter Desmond Triggs, the sexiest flight attendant Will’s ever seen… in a uniform so ugly it could only be described as a crime against fashion.

Can this cabin crew cutie help turn Will’s frown upside down?


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Short Story | MM Romance | Erotic Romance
LDB Books
Available: December 7, 2020


Mile High Rebound by L.D. Blakeley
Mile High Rebound by LD Blakeley on Kindle Unlimited


“Welcome aboard Air Canada Rouge, sir, can I help you find your seat?”

Oh, now this was too good. Pretty and poorly dressed was working this flight? If I were the praying type, I’d have said a little amen, right then and there. Nothing like having a bit of eye candy as part of the in-flight entertainment.

“I’m good.” I smiled, slowly gave him a head-to-toe once over and winked. I didn’t even try for subtle. Why the hell not? As of a few hours ago, I was single. I had no idea whether or not he was, but honestly? I really didn’t care. I had just enough alcohol buzzing through my blood stream to have my most important extremities on standby for any immediate calls to action.

The blush that almost instantly colored his face was more than a little gratifying. And I wondered how he’d react if I were to lean forward and nip at his lush bottom lip. There’s a thought. Those body parts on standby were definitely at the ready now.

“I’m right there.” I glanced over his shoulder toward the center row of seats, smiled once more and made my way past him and into the plane. I didn’t bother to look back and gauge his reaction. But if I had to guess? I’d bet he was more than a little flustered. Not that I had any intentions beyond a flirtatious smile or two. It was still nice to know that I could snag a hot guy’s attention.

I stowed my blazer and bag in the overhead bin, and as the plane started filling up, I mentally went through the assignments I had coming up. I was grateful to actually have a few days after the wedding to just chill out on the beach and drink a few cervezas. I’d be quite a bit happier if I weren’t headed there alone. But, hey—First World problems.

We ascended toward cruising altitude, and the cabin crew started their In The Event Of An Emergency song and dance number. As luck would have it, Delicious Des was the star of the show, so I settled in and made myself comfortable as he started his routine.

His rich baritone voice belied his slight build and almost pretty features. He had long, lean legs encased in tailored dress pants that seemed at complete odds with the rest of his outfit. His white button-down shirt was completely overwhelmed by a god-awful burgundy sweater that totally obscured any glimpse at what might lie beneath. And a ridiculous pinstriped fedora in the same grey as his pants, along with a burgundy tie with a multi-colored mess of a pattern made him look like some sort of hipster Mister Rogers.

The snicker I let out as a result of my own inner monologue did not go unnoticed. That blush came back in full force, and I was intrigued that I was able to affect this beautiful boy so easily. Despite any embarrassment, though, he locked eyes with me and kept that contact until the end of his spiel.

I’m not going to lie—as fucking cheesy as it sounds, I was entranced.

That voice definitely did something to me, and I was equal parts relieved and disappointed when he ended our smoldering stare-down and ducked into the hospitality area up front. With any luck, though, it meant that the bar cart was about to be wheeled into action. My original plan to arrive at my destination either hammered or hung over was still in play. Only now it would seem there’d be even more entertainment. I had no trouble at all spending the next five or so hours flirting with a beautiful, albeit dreadfully dressed, boy. I never did claim to have any shame.