Bad Alpha: Manlove Edition

Bad Alpha features a select collection of stories with shifters so ruthless they will stop at nothing to protect their pack. These aren’t sugar-and-spice heroes. Our alphas are feared, inked, and don’t ask questions first. They take what they want, never give in to their enemies, and think love is for the weak—until they meet their mate.

Are you ready to learn how to tame a savage heart?


Caleb Stokes has had a shit night. Too bad catching his boyfriend in flagrante delicto with the club DJ isn’t the worst thing he’ll witness before the night is through.

Marick Gevrees has no time for romance. He has even less time for a tipsy twink looking for a man to fill some Daddy fetish. But what the hell is he supposed to do when said twink wanders head-long into the middle of a bloody vendetta that could result in the exposure of his clan?


Erotic Romance | MM | Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77233-257-5
Evernight Publishing
Available: February 27, 2015


Bad Alpha: Manlove Edition

Stories include:

Bad Alpha: Manlove Edition Paperback
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...heart, soul, and really great writing.

redz world reviews

This story had it all … some horror and some great humor.

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