Best Worst Ever

Carey English spends his days planning extravagant parties and lavish weddings and generally making people’s lives brighter. He spends his nights wishing for a man he doesn’t have to share and who won’t try to drag him back into the closet. It doesn’t help that the man he wants most doesn’t need a closet to begin with — his straight best friend, Sky.

Skyler Wood has been dumped — again — just days before the holiday season, leaving him with an ex-fiancée, a nonrefundable New Year’s Eve getaway rental, and nothing to ring in the New Year but a broken heart. 

For Carey, rushing off to offer Sky a shoulder will either be the best decision he’s ever made—or it will lead to the worst heartbreak he’s ever experienced.

Erotic Romance | MM | Friends-to-Lovers | Holiday
2nd Edition
LDB Books
Available: April 13, 2017


…hot enough to melt the snow…fun, witty banter…

Joyfully Jay

…excellent fantasy fodder… sassy!

Rainbow Book Reviews

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