I’m Still Here (I think – what day is this, again?)

Would you look at that.

It’s already June.

2020 is nearly half over.

Jesus. Who needs a drink?

Without planning to, I took a super lengthy hiatus from life as L.D. Blakeley. I wish I could say it because I was off on some Super Sekrit™ exciting adventure. But the boring truth of it is… it just happened. It wasn’t my intention but life sometimes comes at you, and before you know it – blink – months have gone by with nary an update.

Like I need to tell anyone right now about plans going awry. 

Thankfully, my husband and I were already work-at-home minions in the Before Times. So when when the world shut down due to COVID-19, we were part of the privileged population who didn’t lose our source of income. We’re still under a state of emergency here, in Toronto. But our municipal, provincial and federal governments all seem to be doing their best to play nicely together. So, that’s some comfort. It sucks that I still can’t visit my parents (they live in a different province and borders are closed for the time being) but, honestly, I am sitting so high atop privilege mountain right now, it’s a wonder I don’t have a nose bleed.

And since we’re on the topic. Fuckme. I really don’t have anything I can say (or at least say eloquently) about the state of world right now other than this:  Black. Lives. Matter. Period.

If you’re able, march

If you’re flush, donate.

If you’re active on social media, share.

As I posted on my IG earlier this week, Ways You Can Help is an excellent roundup of resources in both the US and Canada. I encourage you to check it out so we can all keep learning.

In business-y me-related news, I do have a few things in the works, but I think I’ll hold off for now at risk of diluting such an important message.


Until next time, I’ll leave you with these great ladies of the stage…

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