MILE HIGH REBOUND is now available on KU! 

L.D. Blakeley

New (ish) Release: Mile High Rebound.

Well hey there, strangers. Yes, I’ve been completely AWOL from my blog. And, honestly, I can’t come up with a creative and/or intriguing tale as to why. So I’m just going to say 2020 and leave it at that.

Back at the beginning of 2015, I had a short story published as part of a fun and spicy anthology called Uniform Fetish: Manlove Edition. It was a delightful little collection that, unfortunately, has gone out of print. One of the authors requested their rights back, so Evernight Publishing did what they had to, pulled the book and reverted rights to everyone. A bit of a bummer, but these things happen.

And while it took me an age (am I the only one who finds it takes forever to muster up the energy to do anything this year?)  I decided to create some cover art and put my story back out there.

Et voilà!

Cute, right?

I debated fleshing out Mile High Rebound into a full-length novella or even novel, but I think sometimes short stories are supposed to be just that – short. They begin and end exactly where they’re meant to.

If you’re a subscriber to Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free. If not, it’s a mere 99 pennies to grab a copy for keeps.

Mile High Rebound is a short, sexy read about… well, exactly what you think it’s about.  😉

Will Donavan is about to jet off to his sister’s wedding in beautiful Barbados when his hopes for a week of romance and fun in the sun are dashed before takeoff.

Enter Desmond Triggs, the sexiest flight attendant Will’s ever seen… in a uniform so ugly it could only be described as a crime against fashion.

Can this cabin crew cutie help turn Will’s frown upside down?

I’ll let you be the judge.

And if you fancy reading an excerpt, I’ve got one right here.

Nuova uscita: SHADOWY PINES – Un legame magico

Nuova uscita: SHADOWY PINES – Un legame magico

Parli italiano?

No, I don’t. BUT… on the off chance that you do – my book, Shadowy Pines, has been translated by Erika Arcoleo and is being published by Triskell Edizioni  as Shadowy Pines: Un legame magico.

Shadowy Pines Un legame magicoSHADOWY PINES: Un legame magico
Genere: Contemporaneo, Paranormal | MM
Data di pubblicazione: 17 ottobre
Triskell Edizioni
Lunghezza: 215 pagine
ISBN eBook: 978-88-9312-836-0
ISBN Cartaceo: 978-88-9312-841-4
Traduttrice: Erika Arcoleo

Quando un giovane ragazzo con un’ottima istruzione e un lavoro sottopagato riceve una telefonata con la richiesta di tornare a casa per dare una mano con l’attività di famiglia, ne approfitta subito per lasciarsi alle spalle il suo lavoro del cavolo, la sua vita amorosa ancora più penosa e la città in cui vive.

Tuttavia, trasferirsi a Shadowy Pines non è proprio la svolta idilliaca che Finn Parks aveva immaginato.

Come diavolo si dovrebbe reagire quando si scopre che la magia – quella vera – esiste? O che si discende da una lunga stirpe di streghe potenti? Inoltre, avete presente quell’uomo bellissimo con cui si fanno scintille? Sì, è proprio lo stesso che forse sta cercando di uccidervi.

Prezzo Ebook: € 3.99
Prezzo cartaceo: € 12.00

Triskell Edizioni (10% di sconto) 3,99€ 2,99€

Katherine McIntyre’s Tempting Ballad #NewRelease

Happy Hump Day, pretties 😘 It’s finally raining here in Toronto – yay!  Here’s hoping all that thunder and lightning will give us some relief from these 40+ degree days. My hair and snowflake disposition don’t fare well in that kind of humidity. But since it is raining, let’s talk books!

I have a hot new release from Katherine McIntyre to tell you all about. Tempting Ballad is book #4 in her Discord’s Desire series, and it’s currently on sale over at Evernight Publishing. Have a look… Continue reading

Welcome to Summer 2020!

Welcome to Summer 2020!

Today’s the first day of summer. Not sure how that’s possible when it was just Christmas a few weeks ago. Then again, March did last for about a year-and-a-half, so…

We’ve already had our first heat advisories that have sent me clamouring for my air-conditioned fortress of solitude. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the sunshine. It’s just not always that kind to my delicate (read: pasty) complexion. Chances are, if you’re looking for me over the next few months, I’ll be tucked away here at home while everyone else enjoys the beach and poolside margaritas. Whatever. I have plenty of wine and there are fewer bugs inside 🙂

It’s probably for the best I don’t have any concrete holiday plans since we’re still under a state of emergency. That and my COVID-hair is a complete rat’s nest. And my feet do not deserve to wear pretty things. But the province is slowly starting to open up, region by region, so there’s a chance I might become a presentable human being before autumn arrives. Yay!

To be honest, I’m perfectly content with the slow pace at which we’re re-opening. My anxiety would be through the roof with anything else. Ontario reported a mere 161 new COVID-19 cases today, the lowest since March 28. So there’s definitely something to be said for staying safe, and physical distancing.

But, damn, I want to see my mom & dad. And I really miss my friends.

In the meantime, I’ve started outlining a hot new story idea complete with some of my favourite and trope-iest of tropes (Hello, grumpy tough guy and chipper, romantic optimist. How would you like to be thrown together under unusual circumstances and go on the run? And, what’s that – only one bed, you say? Oh, now that is a complete shame.)

I hope to spill some juicy details soon!

What about you – how are you all doing?