Toronto + Bookstores = True Love ♥

Man, I really miss bookstores.

There’s nothing quite so delightful as heading out for a walk on a lazy Sunday, grabbing a coffee along your way, and ending up in a bookstore for an hour or so just mindlessly browsing the shelves.

Le sigh.

I know you can order from your local and do curbside pickup (a few here in Toronto will even deliver) but it’s not the same. I haven’t actually been inside a bookstore in over a year. We’ve been in one form of lockdown or another for about, what, 6 years now? It sure feels that long.

Way back in 2012 (on another, now defunct blog of mine) I posted this amazing video from Type Books. I’ve already watched it about three times today. So if, like me, you’re stuck someplace where only essential businesses are open and you miss a good bookstore browse… enjoy!

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